12. Gossiping


A: Hi Julie, how are things going?

B: Everything is great, Tad. How are you?

A: I'm doing really well.

B: Tad, I'm pretty hungry right now. Want to walk over and check out the food table?

A: Julie, do you know who that woman is over there by the window?

B: That is Mary. I heard that she's just moved in with Lee.

A: I thought that he was with Malia.

B: Oh, that relationship is history. Malia hooked up with a guy she met on holiday.

A: I bet that Lee wasn't too happy with that!

B: Actually, he was OK with it. They hadn't been getting along too well.


A: Hi Julie, how are you?

B: Things are going good, Tad. How about you?

A: Things have been going well for me.

B: That food smells delicious! Let's wander over to the food table and see what's up.

A: Julie, do you know who that woman talking to Lee is?

B: I think that her name is Mary. I think that she and Lee are moving in together.

A: Isn't he with Malia?

B: Malia dumped him. She ran off with a guy she met on vacation.

A: Lee was probably less than thrilled with that!

B: He was kind of relieved. They had been having some problems.


A: Hi Julie, how have things been going for you?

B: I'm good, Tad. How are things with you?

A: Things couldn't be better right now.

B: Boy, that's quite a spread over on the food table! Let's go check out the party food.

A: Julie, who is the woman sitting next to Lee on the sofa?

B: Someone told me her name is Mary. Supposedly, she and Lee are living together in Lee's apartment.

A: What about his relationship with Malia?

B: Malia is no longer in the picture. She moved to Australia to be with a guy she met on vacation.

A: How did Lee feel about that happening?

B: He took it pretty well. I think that he had kind of had his eye on Mary for a while.

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