11. Declining Food or Drinks


A: Mary, it's good to see you!

B: Josh and I were just on our way back home from the beach and thought we'd drop by.

A: I am so glad that you decided to stop by!

B: Yes, it has been a long time since we have seen you.

A: Mary, can I get Josh or you something to drink?

B: Oh no, thank you. We aren't all that thirsty.

A: How about a little snack then?

B: No, thank you, we just ate lunch a little while ago.

A: Well then, how is your family?

B: Everyone is doing great. My sister finally had her baby.


A: Mary, what a surprise!

B: I am so glad you are home! Josh and I thought that we'd take a chance and stop by for a visit.

A: Your timing is perfect!

B: It's been a long time since we've stopped by.

A: Mary, Josh, would either of you like something to drink?

B: Thanks, but we really are fine.

A: Would you like a little snack?

B: No, thanks. We are still full from lunch.

A: Is your family doing well?

B: Things are going well for everyone. My brother finally got the job he had been trying for.


A: Mary, how have you been?

B: Josh and I just took a chance on our way home from the beach to see if you were up for visitors.

A: I was just thinking about you yesterday!

B: It's been ages since we had a chance to visit with you!

A: Mary, please let me get the two of you something to drink.

B: Oh, please don't go to any trouble. We just stopped by for a visit.

A: Can I get you a little something to eat?

B: We appreciate the offer, but we already ate.

A: So tell me, how is your family doing?

B: We are all doing well. My dad finally got to retire and is enjoying his leisure time.

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