14. Going to the Beach


A: Do you want to go to the beach tonight?

B: Sure, which beach are we going to?

A: I wanted to go to Malibu beach.

B: I like Santa Monica.

A: The water there looks so dirty.

B: I just like the pier they have at Santa Monica.

A: I like the pier too, because it's beautiful at night.

B: Is Malibu beach nice?

A: It's a lot nicer, and I really like it better.

B: So you want to go to Malibu?

A: If that's okay with you.

B: Sure, let's go to Malibu.


A: What do you think about going to the beach tonight?

B: I'd love to. Which beach?

A: It's up to you, but I was thinking Malibu beach.

B: I really like Santa Monica beach.

A: But the water there doesn't look too clean.

B: I only go because of the pier.

A: The pier is really nice at night.

B: How is it at Malibu beach?

A: I love Malibu beach, because it's so beautiful.

B: So is Malibu where you really want to go?

A: Are you cool with that?

B: Yeah, we can go to Malibu.


A: I want to go to the beach tonight.

B: That sounds like fun. Which one are you thinking about?

A: I was thinking Malibu, unless there is another beach you want to go to.

B: How about Santa Monica?

A: I don't really like that beach, as the water seems really dirty.

B: The only thing I like about that beach is the pier.

A: At night, the pier is absolutely beautiful.

B: What's it like at Malibu beach?

A: I love that beach, because it's just so nice.

B: So we're going to Malibu?

A: Well, if you don't want to go to Malibu, we can go to Santa Monica.

B: We can always go to Santa Monica another day.

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