7. Exchanging a DVD


A: Excuse me. Can you help me?

B: Certainly. What can I do for you?

A: May I exchanged an opened DVD?

B: Certainly, as long as you have your receipt.

A: Here you are.

B: I'm sorry, but you're only allowed to return items within 30 days.

A: Is there any way I can exchange it?

B: I'm afraid not.

A: I am not coming here anymore.

B: I'm sorry, but please don't blame me.


A: Pardon me. May I ask you a question?

B: Of course. How can I help you?

A: I opened this DVD. Can I still return it?

B: No problem. May I have your receipt?

A: Here you go.

B: Oh, it looks like you bought this more than 30 days ago.

A: Can't you bend the rules just a little bit?

B: I'm sorry.

A: You just lost yourself another customer.

B: Don't get mad at me, please. I don't make the rules.


A: Can you help me, please?

B: No problem. What is your question?

A: Is it possible to return an opened DVD?

B: Sure, as long as you have your receipt.

A: Here you go.

B: I'm sorry. You can't return something you bought more than 30 days ago.

A: Yes, but this is only day 32. Isn't that okay?

B: I'm sorry, but rules are rules.

A: Well, this is ridiculous. I won't shop here anymore.

B: Well, if I was the boss, the rules might be different.


A: Can you give me a little help, please?

B: That's what I'm here for.

A: Can I return this DVD even though I already opened it?

B: That won't be a problem if you have your receipt.

A: It's right here in my wallet.

B: Oh, the date on the receipt says that you bought it too long ago to return it.

A: But aren't there any exceptions?

B: If I make an exception for you, I have to do it for everyone.

A: How do you expect to keep loyal customers?

B: I wish I could help you, but I didn't make the rules.


A: Would you help me, please?

B: It would be my pleasure.

A: I want to return this opened DVD. Is that possible?

B: No problem at all. Do you have your receipt?

A: Let me dig it out of my wallet.

B: I'm sorry. You can't return something more than 30 days old.

A: There must be some way around this.

B: I'm sorry, but I have to tell everyone the same thing—no.

A: That's the dumbest rule I ever heard of.

B: Maybe the rules will change if we lose all our customers.

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