8. Looking for a Perfect Gift (1)


A: Can you help me pick out a gift for my daughter?

B: She might like a laptop computer.

A: That sounds like a good idea.

B: Might I suggest a Mac?

A: How much?

B: Well, a 15-inch Pro is $2,100.

A: That sounds great. I'll take it.

B: Great. How would you like to pay for it?

A: Here's my VISA.

B: Let me ring you up. Okay, sign here, please.

A: Everything I need is in this box?

B: It'll take her only a few minutes to get online.

A: Thank you for your help.

B: So long. Thank you for shopping here.


A: I'm looking for a gift for my daughter.

B: How about a laptop?

A: Yes, she needs something to help her at school.

B: How about a Mac?

A: That sounds good. How much is one?

B: Our newest 15-inch Pro is only $2,100.

A: Only $2,100? Okay, let me have one.

B: That's great. Will that be cash, check, or credit card?

A: Let me dig my VISA out of my purse.

B: If you'll just sign here, please.

A: Do I need to buy anything else?

B: All she has to do is open the box and follow the instructions.

A: Thank you so much.

B: Thank you. If you have any problems, just call.


A: I need help finding a gift for my daughter.

B: Would she like a laptop?

A: That sounds like a good idea.

B: A Mac is a very popular brand.

A: She mentioned a Mac. How much is it?

B: A 15-inch Pro model is $2,100 plus tax.

A: That sounds like a great price. I'll take one.

B: This is a gift she'll cherish for years. How do you want to pay?

A: I'll use my VISA.

B: We're almost through. Just sign here, please.

A: Just take it home and plug it in?

B: She'll be online 20 minutes after she opens the box.

A: She's going to be so pleased with this.

B: Remember us for all your computer needs.


A: I wonder if you could help me find something for my daughter.

B: Do you think she'd like a laptop?

A: I think that would be perfect.

B: A Mac is something most people appreciate.

A: In fact, she prefers Macs. How much is one?

B: Our 15-inch Pro will cost you only $2,100.

A: She's going to be so happy. Let me have one.

B: You've made a good decision. How would you like to pay?

A: I'll pay for it with my VISA.

B: It's all yours after you sign here, please.

A: Are there any extras that she needs?

B: This is good to go. If she wants accessories, just visit us again.

A: You've been so helpful. Thank you.

B: Have a nice day, and thank you for shopping here.


A: I'd appreciate it if you could help me pick out a gift for my daughter.

B: Would she be interested in a laptop?

A: That's exactly what I was thinking of.

B: A Mac would be an excellent gift.

A: I like Macs. How much for a Mac?

B: You can take a 15-inch Pro home right now for only $2,100.

A: A Mac it is. I'll take one home with me.

B: She'll be very happy with this. And how do you plan to pay for it?

A: I'll use my VISA, if that's okay.

B: Now, if you'll just sign here, the Mac is all yours.

A: Will she need anything besides what's in this box?

B: Everything she needs is right here in the box.

A: I appreciate your help. Maybe I'll be back for more computer stuff.

B: Your daughter should get straight A's from now on. Good-bye.

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