5. Home Security During Listing


A: So, during the time that you are showing my house, how will my valuables be protected?

B: Our real estate company takes every precaution to see that your valuables are protected at all times.

A: How will I know when someone will be looking at my home?

B: We will typically give you at least 4 hours notice on a weekend before we come by.

A: Will you always accompany whoever is looking at my house?

B: Your house is listed on the multiple listing. That means that people from a variety of real estate offices will be showing your home.

A: How will the realtors get into my house if I am not at home?

B: We put a lockbox on your house. The realtors will have a key to the lockbox and then they can get a key to your front door.

A: What about people watching my stuff during an Open House?

B: We always suggest that you either store your jewelry in a safe or move it into a friend's house while your house is being shown.


A: I am worried about the security of my home while it is being shown.

B: We do everything we can to protect your home and your valuables

A: Do people just come and look whenever they want to?

B: During the week, we will let you know the night before if we will be bringing someone by the next day.

A: I am assuming that someone from your office will always be there, right?

B: Your home is listed exclusively with our office. We will be the only ones showing your home.

A: Does everyone have a copy of my house key?

B: Realtors have a special key to what is called a lockbox. Once they get into the lockbox, they can get a key to the house.

A: I have heard horror stories from friends about being ripped off during their Open House.

B: Our company has invested in several cameras that we place in the key rooms while the house is being shown.


A: I have heard horror stories about people's things being stolen while their house is being shown.

B: We have a very good track record when it comes to home security.

A: I am not so sure that I like the idea of people showing up whenever they want to pop in!

B: We will always call at least 12 hours in advance if we are bringing someone by to see your home.

A: Are you the only one showing my house?

B: To get maximum exposure and a variety of buyers, your home is listed on the multiple listing. Many different realtors will be showing your home.

A: Do you have to come and let the different realtors in when they come to look at my house?

B: The realtors can get a key to your house by unlocking a lockbox on your front door. They use it while they are there and return it when they leave.

A: The thing I worry about the most is having my valuables stolen during an Open House.

B: Our realtors try to be very aware at all times of who is in the house and what they are doing.

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