6. Fixing Up the Interior


A: So what do you think I should do to fix up the interior of my house?

B: A fresh coat of paint is the number one improvement that you can make to your home.

A: What colors do you think would be best?

B: You need to go with fairly neutral tones. You want fairly contemporary colors that will go with a variety of furnishings.

A: After paint, what is the next most important improvement that I can make?

B: Remove any extra furnishings and personal items. Make your home look as uncluttered as possible.

A: Should I get a new carpet?

B: Your carpet is in really good shape. New owners typically want to pick out their own carpeting.

A: How about improvements to the bathroom?

B: New faucets are not that expensive and can quickly add a clean and more up-to-date look.


A: What are your suggestions for some inexpensive fixes to help me get the best price for my home?

B: Painting the interior of your home is not that expensive and greatly improves the appearance of your home.

A: Should I go for trendy colors or more traditional tones?

B: You don't want to make any dramatic statements with paint, but don't go with just white either.

A: What else can I do besides paint the inside of my home to improve its value?

B: You need to get rid of any extra furniture or knick-knacks.

A: I need to know if I should replace the carpeting.

B: Your carpeting is very worn. You might want to explore buying some attractive inexpensive carpeting.

A: How about improvements to the kitchen?

B: You could inexpensively replace the linoleum flooring; that would really brighten things up.


A: What do people usually do to improve the interior of their houses before they sell them?

B: Your house looks very nice on the inside, but a fresh coat of paint always helps brighten a home's interior.

A: I get confused when trying to pick out colors that other people might like.

B: Lighter neutral colors are usually best. They make rooms appear larger.

A: The painting suggestion is a good one, but after that, what improvement will add value to my home?

B: Your interior should have only the most basic of furniture. Either store or get rid of any extra clutter.

A: What about replacing the floor covering?

B: I know that your carpeting is not brand new, but with a good steam cleaning, I think that it will look great.

A: Is there anything that I can do to the bathrooms and kitchen that wouldn't cost too much?

B: New curtains or blinds do not cost that much and brighten up any room.

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