4. Signing Contract With Realtor


A: My wife thinks I should get a lawyer to look at the contract.

B: Well, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a lawyer review it.

A: How much does a lawyer cost?

B: I don't know. A good real estate lawyer might cost $400 an hour.

A: That can't be legal!

B: Just think how much it'll be 10 years from now.

A: Do you know any lawyers that are cheaper than that?

B: You'd have to check the yellow pages or go online.

A: There's no telling how many hours the lawyer will charge me for.

B: Also, it might take a week or two just to get an appointment.

A: I'd rather get this over with, so just show me where to sign.

B: Good man! I've marked all the places for you to sign and date.


A: My wife said to have a lawyer look at the contract.

B: That's always a good idea.

A: Do you know how much a lawyer runs?

B: I've heard that they're about $400 an hour.

A: Who can afford that?

B: A few years ago, $100 an hour was outrageous.

A: Can you help me find a cheaper lawyer?

B: I'm afraid I can't help you with that.

A: The lawyer will start at $400, but where will it end?

B: Also, a good lawyer might not have time to see you immediately.

A: My wife's going to kill me, but just show me where to sign.

B: Now you're talking. The red stickers indicate where to sign and date.


A: My wife told me to get a lawyer to review the contract first.

B: A smart husband always does what his wife tells him.

A: How much are lawyers charging nowadays?

B: It's hard to believe, but I think they charge about $400 an hour.

A: That's highway robbery!

B: I think lawyers are making twice what doctors are making.

A: Are there any lawyers that are cheaper than that?

B: The best advice I can give you is to Google it.

A: I can barely afford one hour, but certainly not two.

B: Remember, it might take a few days just to set up an appointment.

A: I really don't have the time or the money, so where do I sign?

B: Your wife will thank you. Just sign and date where the little red stickers are.

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