15. Making an Appointment for a Meeting


A: I would like to make an appointment for a project meeting.

B: Of course, I have Monday or Tuesday available. What day would be best for you?

A: I would like to meet on Monday.

B: Very well then. Are mornings or afternoons best?

A: I want to come in the morning.

B: I will have my assistant check my calendar and get back to you with the exact time. Can you bring me an outline of the project when you come?

A: Yes, I can bring the outline when I come to the meeting.

B: Do you think that we should include the entire committee in the meeting or just our sub-committee?

A: I think that we should have just the sub-committee.

B: OK then, I will make the arrangements for them to attend. Do you know how to get there?

A: No, I need directions, please.

B: Fine, we will make sure that we send you all of the information that you need. See you there!


A: Could I meet with you to discuss the project?

B: Good idea. We could meet on Monday or Tuesday. Which day would you prefer?

A: Tuesday would be good for me.

B: OK. Do you think we should meet in the morning or in the afternoon?

A: I think the afternoon would be best.

B: That will work out. I will e-mail the exact time tomorrow. I need you to bring your plans with you.

A: Yes, I will bring my plans with me to the meeting.

B: Should we invite the whole committee or should we just have the sub-committee there?

A: I feel that the whole committee needs to be there.

B: Yes, I agree. We'll make sure that they get notified. Can you find the meeting place?

A: Yes, I know how to get there on my own.

B: Great! We will send you all the details later. Looking forward to meeting with you!


A: When could we meet to discuss the project?

B: I will be available on Monday or Tuesday. Choose which day is best for you.

A: I prefer Monday.

B: Good. Can you come in the morning or would afternoon be best?

A: Either one is OK.

B: Great! When I check with the others, I will send you an exact time. When you come, be prepared to do your presentation.

A: I will be prepared to do my presentation.

B: Who would you like to see there? Just the sub-committee or should we ask the whole committee?

A: Everyone needs to be there.

B: That will probably be best. Do you need help with directions?

A: I think I know where it is. Maybe you could send me directions just to make sure.

B: OK. We will e-mail you all the information you need tomorrow. Have a good day!

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