16. Rearranging an Appointment


A: I had an appointment tomorrow and I need to change it to a different date.

B: Certainly, what day would be best for you?

A: I think that Monday or Tuesday would be good for me.

B: I can give you Monday; I have ten or eleven in the morning.

A: I think ten o'clock is best.

B: Fine, I'll put you down for that.

A: That would be great!

B: Happy I could help you; see you then!


A: I was wondering if I could reschedule my appointment to a later date?

B: OK, just tell me what day would be best for your appointment.

A: Wednesday or Thursday would be perfect.

B: Thursday is available; would ten or eleven be best?

A: I would love to have an eleven o'clock appointment.

B: Great, I'll just add you in, if that works.

A: Perfect, I appreciate that.

B: So happy that we had an opening for you.


A: I can't make my appointment and need to make another one.

B: That's OK, we can reschedule it if you tell me what day works for you.

A: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday would be good for me.

B: I can give you Friday; would you prefer ten or eleven?

A: Ten o'clock is perfect.

B: Well, in that case, I'll just write you in.

A: Thanks. That will work out well.

B: It was my pleasure to have been able to make it work.

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