6. Reporting an Internet Problem


A: I need somebody to come over and fix my internet.

B: What's wrong with it?

A: For some reason it's just not connecting.

B: How long have you been having this problem?

A: It hasn't been working the past few days.

B: Does the internet come up at all?

A: It does, but it won't connect to anything.

B: Well, the internet isn't down, so there must be something wrong with your connection.

A: Could you send someone to fix it today?

B: I'll send somebody over right away to fix it.

A: When will they be here?

B: They should be there in the next hour.


A: I need to get my internet fixed.

B: What's the problem with your internet?

A: It won't connect.

B: How long has this been happening?

A: This problem has been happening for a few days now.

B: The internet doesn't come up at all?

A: It just won't connect to a webpage, but it will pop up.

B: There's obviously a problem with your connection.

A: I'm going to need someone to come and fix it for me.

B: I can send somebody right now to fix it.

A: How long will it take for them to get here?

B: They'll be there in about an hour.


A: Can you send someone to fix my internet?

B: Are you having a problem with it?

A: My internet is having problems connecting.

B: Can you tell me how long your internet has been messing up?

A: I've been having this problem for the last few days.

B: Will the internet even pop up?

A: It'll pop up, but it won't connect to a webpage.

B: Since the internet isn't broken, your connection must be messed up.

A: Do you think you can send somebody over to fix it?

B: If you'd like, I can send someone to fix it right now.

A: How long will it be till they get here?

B: It should be no longer than an hour.

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