5. Installing High Speed Internet


A: I need to get my high speed internet installed.

B: You'll need to make an appointment.

A: Could I do that right now, please?

B: What day would you like us to do the installation?

A: Is Friday good?

B: We're only available at 3:00 pm.

A: You can't come any earlier than that?

B: I'm sorry. That's the only available time.

A: Are you available this Saturday?

B: Yes. Anytime on Saturday will be fine.

A: How does 11:00 sound?

B: We can do it. See you then.


A: I would like high speed internet installed in my house.

B: You have to make an appointment before we can come out and install it.

A: I'd like to make an appointment right now.

B: What day are you available?

A: I would like to have it done this Friday.

B: Three o'clock is the only time we can come in.

A: Is it possible for someone to come a little earlier?

B: I'm sorry, but that's our only available time.

A: How about Saturday?

B: We're completely open on Saturday.

A: Can you come over at 11:00?

B: That'll be fine.


A: When can I get high speed internet installed?

B: You're going to have to make an appointment.

A: Can I make one right now?

B: When would you like the installation to be done?

A: I'm off this Friday.

B: The only time we can come on Friday is at 3:00 pm.

A: I'm going to need it installed earlier than that.

B: I'm sorry, but we're booked up on Friday.

A: Is Saturday any better?

B: Saturday is perfect. What time would you like?

A: Is 11:00 fine?

B: That's perfect. See you on Saturday.

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