8. Re-offering and Acceptance


A: Did you get a chance to speak with the sellers about my counter-offer?

B: Yes, and I think I have good news for you.

A: Did they accept the counter-offer?

B: Yes, they accepted your counter-offer, but they want you to pay for the home inspection.

A: How much will that cost?

B: It will cost you around five hundred to one thousand dollars for a home inspection.

A: Can I choose the home inspector?

B: Yes, you are paying for it, so you get to choose. I would pick the best one.

A: So, when are you going to inform the owners of my acceptance?

B: I will call the owners right now. They will be happy to hear the good news.


A: I was anxious to find out what the sellers had to say about my counter-offer.

B: I was able to contact them so, if you'll step into my office, we'll talk.

A: Did they go with the proposed counter-offer?

B: They want you to pick up the cost of the home inspection, but they accepted your offer.

A: Is a home inspection very expensive?

B: It can cost between five hundred and one thousand dollars.

A: Do I get to choose who inspects the home?

B: Yes, you get to choose. I would spend a little more to get a really thorough inspection.

A: Can you call the owners with my acceptance right away?

B: I am going to contact the sellers immediately. They were looking forward to your acceptance.


A: Were you able to contact the owners about my counter-offer?

B: Yes, please have a seat, and we'll discuss this right now.

A: I hope that they accepted the counter-offer.

B: The counter-offer was acceptable to them, but they want you to pay for the home inspection.

A: Will the home inspection cost me a lot?

B: It can cost as little as five hundred dollars and as much as one thousand dollars.

A: Is it my choice as to who inspects this house?

B: Yes, it is your choice as you are paying for it. Make a wise investment and choose the best inspector you can find.

A: How long until you contact the sellers with my acceptance?

B: Let's call them right now. I am sure that they will be happy to hear that you have agreed to pay for the inspection.

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