9. Going to an Open House with a Friend


A: Let's pull over and look at that house over there.

B: Yes, that looks great! Is it on our Open House list?

A: Yes, it is on our list.

B: Well, it looks great from the curb. Let's go on inside.

A: Let's sign the registry. The realtor looks kind of busy right now.

B: OK, let's go check out the kitchen next.

A: look, they have some refreshments in here.

B: Make sure that you pick up a flyer with the information about the home.

A: Does it say how much they are asking for this house?

B: Yes, it seems to have been discounted from two hundred and thirty-five thousand to two hundred and twenty-five thousand.


A: I see an Open House sign over there, and I think we should go check it out.

B: I think that looks like a very nice house. Is it on our Internet listing for Open Houses?

A: Yes, I see it listed on the printout we got off of the Internet.

B: I love the beautiful lawn. What a great front entryway!

A: We need to make sure to put our names in the registry so the realtor knows we were here.

B: That works for me. We can check out the kitchen next.

A: On such a hot day, it is thoughtful to have water out for potential buyers.

B: Check out the flyer with all of the home's information on it.

A: What is the price of this house in the flyer?

B: They have changed the asking price since it first went on the market. It is now two hundred and twenty-five thousand.


A: I want to take a look at that home with the Open House flags out front.

B: What a wonderful neighborhood! Can you find that house on our Open House list?

A: Yes, that is one of the houses that we have on our list.

B: They always make the front yards look so great for Open Houses. Let's see what the inside looks like.

A: I am going to go sign my name in the registry to let the listing agent know that we were here.

B: Signing the registry is a good idea. I think I want to see the kitchen next.

A: I really appreciate that the listing agent provided water on such a hot day.

B: I need to pick up a flyer with the information about the house on it.

A: Is the current asking price listed on the flyer?

B: The asking price has recently gone down to two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.

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