32. Fumigation and Relocation for a Night


A: Hi. I wanted to talk to you about the letter we received about fumigating the building.

B: Yes, I would be happy to help you with that. What do you need to know?

A: Do we have to leave our apartment on the day they do it?

B: You will have to vacate your apartment for a 36-hour period.

A: Will you be paying for our hotel room?

B: Yes, I will be paying for all the rooms.

A: What if I want to stay at a different hotel?

B: I received a group rate at this hotel, but I will pay the equivalent price if you bring me a receipt.

A: What if I stay with friends?

B: If you do not stay in a hotel, I will give you fifty dollars for the inconvenience.

A: Is there anything else we have to do?

B: Yes, your letter also mentions what food you need to remove.


A: Good morning. I had some questions about the fumigation letter we received.

B: I am here to answer your questions. What do you need clarification on?

A: Will I have to find somewhere else to go on that day?

B: You cannot stay in your apartment for 36 hours while it is being fumigated.

A: Are you going to pay us for the hotel room you mentioned in your letter?

B: The rooms have already been reserved and paid for.

A: If I don't like that hotel, can I stay somewhere else?

B: I got a great deal at this hotel, but you can choose a room of equal or less value at another hotel.

A: I have my pets to think of and I'd rather stay with my parents.

B: You will be given fifty dollars for the night.

A: What else do we need to think about?

B: The letter also tells you about storing and removing your food.


A: Hello. Could you help me understand a few things about the fumigation letter?

B: It would be my pleasure to help you. What is your question?

A: Can I still stay in my apartment while they are doing this?

B: You and your pets will have to leave your apartment for 36 hours.

A: Are you putting us up in the hotel you mentioned, or do we have to pay for it?

B: We will be paying for the rooms.

A: Do I have a choice as to what hotel I stay in?

B: If you want to switch hotels, just bring me the receipt and I will reimburse you for the same amount of money that I would have spent on you.

A: I think I might just go stay with my boyfriend.

B: If you have another place to stay, you will get fifty dollars for the night.

A: What other safety precautions do we need to take?

B: The letter you received includes a checklist that tells you how to store your food.

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