31. Recreation Area Problems


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A: Could I speak with the manager about some problems in the pool area?

B: Sure, what seems to be the problem?

A: My apartment is next to the pool, and there seems to be some really late-night partying going on out there.

B: The hours for the pool are eight in the morning to ten at night. Is the noise that you are hearing later than that?

A: Yes, sometimes people are in the Jacuzzi at midnight!

B: Did you call the night manager?

A: No, I didn't really know if anyone was around that late.

B: I am going to give you my number to call if it happens again.

A: Thank you for your help.

B: You are welcome. I will be sending letters to tenants to remind them of the rules.


ESL Robot 4.0 (Android) - an AI-powered English tutor.

A: I had some concerns about the pool and Jacuzzi area and would like to speak with someone.

B: I can help you with that. What are you having problems with?

A: I live right next to the pool, and late at night it is really noisy out there!

B: There is not supposed to be anyone in the pool area after ten o'clock at night. Are you noticing people out there any later?

A: I've heard people out there at one in the morning!

B: Did you contact anyone?

A: No, I just waited until now to tell you.

B: I will give you the direct line to call to report this when it is happening

A: I appreciate your help.

B: You are welcome. Evidently a few people need some reminders.


ESL Robot 4.0 (Android) - an AI-powered English tutor.

A: I was wondering if I could speak to someone about some concerns of mine with the pool area.

B: I can answer any questions that you might have. What are your concerns?

A: I enjoy living next to the pool, but it gets really loud out there at night.

B: The pool is supposed to be closed after 10:00. Are you saying that people are partying later than that?

A: There have been parties out there that haven't ended until two in the morning!

B: Did you call the front desk?

A: Yes, I tried, but no one picked up.

B: You can have my personal line to call if this happens again. Do not hesitate to call.

A: Thank you for taking care of this for me.

B: Thank you for bringing it to my attention. We will send reminder memos to help people remember what the rules are.

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