23. Trash and Recycling


A: Can you tell me where we are supposed to take our trash?

B: Put it in the dumpster next to that stairway.

A: What day do they pick the trash up?

B: They empty the trash every Wednesday.

A: Are we supposed to mix our recyclables in, or sort them?

B: We are supposed to sort our recyclables.

A: Is there a special container for recyclables?

B: You should have a blue container in your kitchen. Empty that into the blue bin downstairs.

A: What about plant material?

B: Anything that can be composted goes into the bin with the green lid.


A: I need a little help about where to dump my trash bags.

B: Put them in the parking lot dumpster near the parking spaces.

A: When is trash day?

B: Trash day is Wednesday.

A: Do they sort our recyclables, or do we do it?

B: They expect us to take out our recyclables.

A: Do we put our recyclables in a separate bin?

B: Just take all of your recyclables to the blue bin downstairs.

A: Is there a special bin for yard waste?

B: All material to be composted goes into the bin with the green lid.


A: Where are the dumpsters located in this building?

B: Right now they are in the front of the building for pickup.

A: When do the dumpsters get emptied?

B: They usually get emptied Wednesday, unless there is a holiday in there somewhere.

A: Are there separate containers for recyclables?

B: We don't mix our recyclables with regular trash.

A: What does the container for recyclables look like?

B: All of your recyclables go into the blue bin.

A: How about composting materials?

B: We have a great composting program that uses the bin with the green lid.

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