22. Prohibited Parking

1. Repeat

A: Is there anything specific that I should know about where to park my car?

B: You have an assigned place in the back of the building with your apartment number on it.

A: Are there any other spots available to me?

B: You will see several visitor and unmarked spots. These are available on a first-come basis.

A: What if there is nothing else available?

B: You can park on the street, but you have to pay attention to the rules.

A: What are the rules?

B: Most of the laws are posted on the signs, but you also cannot park anywhere on the street between two and six in the morning.

A: Are the parking tickets expensive around here?

B: Parking tickets are very expensive, and if you don't pay them they may tow your car away.

2. Repeat

A: What are the rules about where I should park?

B: Your assigned space is in the back where I marked it on the map.

A: Can I park anywhere else in the parking lot?

B: There are a few spots back there for visitors. They are unassigned.

A: Where can my guests park if all of those spots are gone?

B: You can park on the street, but you can get ticketed for failing to follow the rules.

A: How will I know what the rules are?

B: Just pay attention to street cleaning days and limits on the hours you can park out there.

A: Are parking citations costly?

B: Yes, parking tickets can be extremely expensive.

3. Repeat

A: Where can I park my car?

B: You have one assigned place right beside your own apartment.

A: Are there any other open spots available in the parking lot?

B: Your guests can park in a visitor or unmarked spot if one is available.

A: Is there any place else to park if the spots are all gone?

B: There is always street parking, but you must obey the laws about parking out there.

A: Do they post the rules anywhere?

B: The rules for parking are all clearly posted. Just follow them and you'll be OK.

A: Do you have to pay a large fine for a parking ticket?

B: You don't want to get a parking ticket. You have better things to spend your money on!

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