24. Laundry Room Rules and Hours


A: So where are the laundry rooms located?

B: There is a laundry room located at the end of each hallway.

A: Can I use them at any time?

B: All laundry rooms are locked at eleven at night and re-open at seven in the morning.

A: Do they use change?

B: You should bring quarters for the washer and dryer.

A: Can you buy detergent in the laundry room?

B: Yes, there are detergent dispensers in the laundry room.

A: Are there rules in the laundry room?

B: Yes, if you leave your laundry in the machine unattended, people can just take it out and put it on a table so they may use the machine.


A: Does every floor have a laundry room?

B: Each hallway has a laundry room located near the stairway.

A: Are they open for use around the clock?

B: The laundry room near the recreation center is open twenty-four hours a day. The rest have posted hours.

A: Do I need to bring coins with me?

B: The washers and dryers require correct change, but there is a change machine in the laundry room.

A: Are there any detergent dispensers in the laundry room?

B: Yes, but they are expensive.

A: Are there any specific rules about doing laundry?

B: Yes, you are only supposed to tie up three machines at a time for your own use, so that the other machines are available for other tenants.


A: Do you have a lot of laundry rooms?

B: We have many laundry rooms. Your closest one is next to the pool.

A: Are there any certain hours we can use them.

B: All of the laundry rooms can be used whenever you need to use them.

A: What type of payment do they require?

B: If you bring dollar bills, you will be in great shape.

A: Is there any place to buy laundry detergent in the laundry room.

B: There are detergent dispensers in the laundry room but it is cheaper to buy it across the street at the market.

A: Is there anything I should know about the rules of the laundry room?

B: Yes, we ask that you please clean up after yourself as in wiping up spilled detergent or cleaning out lint screens.

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