24. After-School Activities

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After school, Debra had a routine that made her afternoons exciting and enriching. Every day, she would head straight to the local library. Debra loved to read and explore different worlds through books. The librarian, Mrs. Johnson, always had a friendly smile and a book recommendation for her. After her library visit, Debra would head to the nearby park, where she met her friends. They would play on the swings, climb trees, and share stories of their school day.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Debra had art class. She had a natural talent for painting and drawing. Her art teacher encouraged her creativity. Her parents proudly displayed her artwork at home. Friday afternoons were reserved for community service. Debra, along with other students, would visit the local animal shelter. She loved spending time with the dogs and cats, and helping to find them permanent homes.

Debra's after-school activities not only brought her joy, but also taught her valuable life lessons about the joy of reading, the importance of friendship, and the satisfaction of giving back to the community.