23. Farm Boy's Loving Duties

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Timmy grew up on a peaceful farm, surrounded by rolling hills and fields of golden wheat. From a very young age, Timmy had a special job on the farm. Every morning, as the roosters crowed, Timmy would race to the chicken coop. With a pail in one hand, he collected freshly laid eggs. The hens clucked and flapped their wings, as if sharing their gratitude for his care.

Timmy's afternoons were spent in the apple orchard, where he picked the ripest apples with great care. His fingers gently plucked each one. In the evenings, he visited the barn to help with the cows. Timmy's soft voice and gentle touch calmed all the cows. With a bucket of fresh water and some hay, he made sure they were comfortable for the night.

As the years passed, the farm thrived, and Timmy's love for the farm grew. He realized that his job on the farm was not just about chores; it was about the love of the land, animals, and the simple joys of rural life.