49. Jane the Living Doll

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There once was a little living doll. She lived inside a doll house that was placed in the corner of a little girl's room. The doll's name was Jane, and the little girl's was Diana. Diana and Jane were best friends. No one else knows that Jane can talk and breathe like anyone else. It was a secret between Jane and Diana.

Jane and Diana would play together every day. Sometimes they would play within the doll house. They liked watching movies, playing hide and seek, and painting. They also liked playing outside with toy cars and drawing with chalk on the ground. Since Diana was far too big and Jane far too small, they could not play hide and seek and run over long distances. Instead they enjoyed playing their own version of hide and seek. When they played, it would have to be inside a small room. Jane was always the one to hide since it was easy for her to do so.

One day, it was Diana's birthday, and she had several of classmates from school come over to celebrate. Jane stayed hidden from plain sight in Diana's room. At one point, things became rowdy among some of the boys and girls, and they began to chase each other around the house. Then a few of them entered Diana's room and began invading her things. One of the boys got a hold of Jane who was in her doll house and started to toss and play catch with her among the boys. Then Diana came into the room and took notice of what was happening to Jane and immediately yelled for them to stop. They put Jane back down. Jane was so frightened but relieved to be saved.

"Get out!" Diana screamed. After everybody left, Diana lifted up Jane and asked her if she was okay. Diana was happy to see that Jane was in one piece. It would be the last time that Diana would bring anyone over to play. This secret was too great to risk its discovery. Nobody could ever know of Jane the living doll.

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