50. An Emergency

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Amisa was a single mother who worked from home tutoring students. She liked this job because it allowed her to stay home with her own little daughter Nimisha. Amisa saw all her clients at her kitchen table. She picked the kitchen table because from there she could watch her daughter, who usually stayed in the living room. Nimisha usually stayed in the living room when her mother was working with another student.

One afternoon though, Nimisha felt so thirsty. She had to get into the kitchen to get a drink. "Mom, can I please have a drink?" Nimisha asked. Amisa was annoyed. She was in the middle of a lesson. "Yes, but you have to serve yourself because I'm working," Amisa said. Nimisha pulled a stepstool up to the kitchen cabinet and stood on it. She opened the kitchen cabinet and reached up to the top shelf to get a blue plastic cup. Then she slipped. Nimesha let out a huge scream. When Amisa got up to see what was wrong, she saw that her daughter's hand had slipped and the tongs of a large serving fork had gone through Nimisha's finger. Nimisha was crying. Amisa was scared. She had her client go home early, and was going to rush her daughter to the hospital. She didn't want to try and pull the fork out herself because she was worried that she might make the situation worse.

Nimisha lived four blocks from the hospital. She felt it was faster to walk to the hospital than call and wait for an ambulance. There was only one problem. It was very cold outside, and Amisa couldn't put a coat on her daughter when she had a huge serving fork protruding from one of her fingers. Amisa wrapped a blanket around her child and together they quickly walked to the hospital.

"My daughter has a fork stuck in her finger!" Amisa yelled as she entered the emergency room.

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