281. Always Safety First

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In a small town of California, there lived a boy by the name of Desmond Walker. Desmond lived with his mom and dad in a red three-bedroom house. Desmond was ten years old and had an active imagination. His mother had her hands full watching over Desmond. That boy of hers would get in all sorts of trouble. "Always safety first, Desmond!" is what she always repeated to her son.

Desmond and his mother went out grocery shopping one Friday evening. The supermarket's parking lot was jam-packed with cars that Friday evening. "Stick close to me, Desmond," said his mom as they entered the supermarket. Desmond's mom asked him to fetch a shopping cart. He grabbed a shopping cart, and started heading back to where his mom was. Desmond then hopped on the shopping cart and raced away at top speed. "That's not too smart, Desmond," said a voice in Desmond's head. Desmond stopped and began pushing the cart like before. He remembered what his mom always said to him, "Always safety first".

After Desmond handed the cart to his mother, the two headed towards the dairy section to grab some milk. "Desmond, stay close to me," Desmond's mom said. The supermarket was bustling with shoppers. Desmond stood close to his mother as they treaded carefully through the hordes of people. Then, in an instance, Desmond thought of running away and hiding from his mom as a trick. Just as he was about to do so, Desmond heard the voice again. "That's not a good idea, Desmond," the voice said. Desmond had remembered his mom's golden rule: "Always safety first."

"You've been such a good boy today," Desmond's mom said to Desmond. Desmond said thank you and was treated to ice-cream as a reward.

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