282. Eddie and Jake Form a Rock Band

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Eddie loved to play the guitar. His favorite kind of music to play and listen to was Rock and Roll. Eddie had been playing the guitar since the age of thirteen. He had an older brother who also played the guitar. It was his older brother who first taught him how to play the guitar. Eddie, now seventeen years old, aspired to be a famous musician one day. He knew he could not do this by himself, so he set out on a talent search for someone to play alongside with him.

One day Eddie met another guitar player named Jake. Jake was around the same age as Eddie. Both Eddie and Jake shared a similar taste in music. When Eddie asked Jake if he would like to form a band, Jake said yes. "What's the name of our band?" Jake asked. Eddie had not thought of a name for the group yet. "I'm open to any suggestions you might have," Eddie said to Jake. The next day, Jake thought of a perfect name. Eddie liked the name as soon as he heard it. From then on, the name of Eddie and Jake's band was Jetsam.

Eddie and Jake started learning how to play songs on their guitars together. Although they both listened to a variety of Rock groups, they focused primarily on learning the songs of their favorite ensemble -- The Beatles. Almost everybody loved The Beatles. Learning to sing and play their songs seemed like the best thing to do.

After learning a handful of songs, Eddie and Jake both felt ready to perform in front of an audience. Eddie and Jake got their acoustic guitars and performed at an open music night at the local community center. The audience roared with thunderous applause after Jetsam's set ended. Eddie and Jake bowed and thanked the audience for coming.

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