191. Marriage Is the End

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William Moore didn't trust the idea of marriage. He came from a broken family. His mother and father divorced when he was only 10 years old. Both of his two brothers had been married twice; each marriage ended in divorce. "Marriage is the end," William always said. His view on marriage always got in the way of his relationships. He would go out on dates with women who would always be looking for something serious. William wasn't looking for that. He wanted someone to have fun with and that was all.

William hadn't found someone he felt strongly about in a long time. The last time he truly felt something for a girl was during his last year of college. Her name was Linda. Linda was in William's math class, and she always helped William with his homework. They started hanging out after school, and going on dates every week. When William told Linda about his views on marriage, she didn't get scared. In fact, she liked the idea. "It's a lot of pressure. A lot of guys think that women just want marriage, you know, I don't. At least not right now," Linda said.

William decided to give Linda a chance. He liked her. They had the same view on marriage. Yet, during the final month of school, Linda got an email that changed her life. She got a chance to go study in Europe. William didn't want Linda to go. Linda said that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. William even thought about proposing to Linda to see if she would stay, but he knew that she would not change her mind. He let her go. It made William sad. He didn't know if he wanted marriage, but he really wanted to have someone there for him.

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