166. More than Sports

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When William was transferred to a job in Texas, he was really worried about making friends. On his first day in the factory though, everyone was really friendly. "You should join our softball league," his co-worker Richard suggested. "That's a great idea, thanks, but I don't have a bat or a glove," William said to Richard. Richard jotted down on a piece of paper the name and address of a local sports supply shop nearby. "They will have everything you need," Richard said.

On his day off, William went to the sports shop. "Boy, Rich wasn't kidding," William said to himself. Not only did they have bats and gloves, but also equipment for all kinds of sports. The store also featured an extensive gun selection. "Those are toy guns?" William asked. The salesperson shook his head. "No, sir. These are all working weapons. I have some machetes and knives too if you want something more traditional," the salesperson explained.

"No, I just came in for some softball equipment," William told the salesperson. "Well, you can take home any of these lovely rifles or guns along with your softball equipment today," the salesperson continued. "I don't need a license?" William asked. The salesperson shook his head. "There's no waiting period?" William asked. The salesperson shook his head again. "I don't have to take a safety course?" William asked. He couldn't believe it was so easy to buy a gun.

"No, sir. It's cash and carry here," the salesperson said, "So can I show you a fine firearm today?" William shook his head. "No, but can I take a picture? My friends back in New York won't believe it's this easy to buy a gun here." "Sure, buddy," the salesperson said, "I'll even take a picture of you with any weapons you want."

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