165. "Oh, Really?"

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Maggie was meeting her friend Lisa at a French restaurant downtown for lunch. Lisa was visiting New York from Chile. They met in Chile over 10 years ago. That was the time when Maggie spent a semester abroad as part of her undergraduate studies. Lisa was a Chilean student who helped Maggie learn Spanish and how to play soccer. Even when Maggie came back to the United States, the two friends kept in touch with each other via Facebook and Skype.

Maggie waved to Lisa from the table in the restaurant when she saw her Chilean friend walk in. Lisa looked the same, just a little older and a little fatter. "Tell me what is new with you?" Maggie asked Lisa. Lisa explained that she worked for an airline and was in town on business. "I get to travel all the time now," Lisa told Maggie. "Oh, really?" Maggie replied. "Yes really, and I can even sometimes get tickets for friends and family members at really low prices," Lisa continued. "Oh, really?" Maggie replied. Maggie was annoying Lisa. Lisa was beginning to feel like Maggie didn't believe what she was saying. "I can show you the memo from my job that explains it all if you don't believe me," Lisa said angrily. "Why wouldn't I believe you?" Maggie asked and confused. She thought it was great that Lisa had a job that took her all over the world, and that even let her do it with friends and family.

"Well, you keep saying 'oh, really?' like you are challenging what I'm saying," Lisa said. Maggie explained that when she said "oh really", it just meant she found what Lisa was saying interesting and wanted her to elaborate. "Oh, really?" Lisa said before the two friends both burst out laughing.

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