187. A Car Chase


The police chased the car. The car didn't stop. The driver drove faster and faster. The driver went downtown. The driver drove on the sidewalks. The driver drove through parking lots. The driver drove through red lights. The driver drove like a crazy man. "That driver drives like a crazy man," said one policeman. The police followed the driver. They drove on the sidewalks. They drove through parking lots. They drove through red lights. The driver crashed into a newsstand. The car stopped. The newsstand owner looked at the car. The driver got out. The newsstand owner yelled at him. "You owe me money," he yelled. "You owe me $10,000. You crashed into my newsstand. You destroyed my newsstand." The driver said no problem. He gave the owner $10,000 cash. Of course, it wasn't the driver's money. It was stolen money. It was a stolen car. The police arrived.

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