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1. Did the driver ___ the car? Was he driving a stolen car?
4. Did the driver drive uptown? Did the driver drive ___? Did the driver drive out of town?
7. How long did the police ___ the driver before they caught him? A car ___ is exciting to watch on TV.
9. The owner ___ed at the driver because the driver destroyed his newsstand. The owner was angry.
10. He didn't park the car in the parking ___. He drove straight through the parking ___. He didn't give a tip to the parking ___ attendant.
12. Did the ___ of the newsstand yell at the driver? Did the ___ of the stolen car report the theft to the police?
13. People don't walk in the street; they walk on ___s next to the streets.
17. ___s are structures that are common in big cities. ___s are next to sidewalks or on sidewalks. They sell newspapers, magazines, and snacks.
18. He had lots of ___; he had $10,000 cash. But the ___ was stolen. They say the love of ___ is the root of all evil.
20. The police ___d and arrested the driver. They ___d shortly after the driver crashed into the newsstand.
21. The car ___ed into the newsstand. No one was hurt. The newsstand was destroyed.
22. The driver drove like a ___ man. Was he insane? Did he need to see a psychiatrist?


2. He didn't stop for the red ___. He drove through the traffic ___. It wasn't a sign; it was a ___.
3. The police ___ed him. They were right behind him. He was in front of them; they ___ed him.
5. The owner said, "You ___ me $10,000. You destroyed my newsstand."
6. The ___ drove the police car. He chased the driver. He arrested the driver.
8. The driver was a thief. He stole the car. The car was ___. He stole the money. The money was ___.
11. Many drunk or speeding drivers go through ___ lights and cause crashes. The light isn't green--it's ___.
14. The driver had lots of ___ on him. He didn't need to write a check or use a credit card.
15. ___ lots are all over the city. Many drivers park their cars in ___ lots while they work or shop.
16. The driver crashed into the newsstand and ___ed it. Nothing was left of the newsstand.
19. The crazy driver didn't slow down. He was driving very ___. He drove ___er and ___er.