188. An Unlucky Winner


Sammy won the lottery. He was so happy. He jumped up and down. "I won the lottery! I'm rich! Life is great!" he yelled. He checked the numbers online again: 2, 22, 3, 33, 4, and 44. Yes, those were the winning numbers. Yes, those were the numbers on his ticket. The Mega number was 44. The Mega number on his ticket was 44. He was so rich! His ticket was worth $41 million before taxes. He was going to buy a new house. He was going to buy a new car. He was going to buy a new boat. Oh, life was so great! He took his ticket to the liquor store. He showed it to the clerk. "I won! I won!" he told the clerk. The clerk checked the numbers. "You won! You won!" he said. Then the clerk ran out of the store with Sammy's ticket.

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