184. Saved by the Cowbell


The water was getting higher and higher. The rain was coming down. It kept raining and raining. Leslie was worried. "I'm worried," she said to her brother. She was worried about Moo. Moo was her cow. Moo was in the field. Moo was in the rain. Leslie didn't want Moo to drown. Moo was not a good swimmer. Leslie walked out to the field. Moo was standing in the field. Moo was wet. "Follow me, Moo," aid Leslie. They started walking. Leslie slipped. She fell down. She hit her head on a rock. She passed out. Moo looked at Leslie. A cowbell was around Moo's neck. Moo shook her head. Moo shook her head again and again. The cowbell rang and rang. Leslie's brother heard the cowbell. He went out to the field. He found Moo and Leslie. He carried Leslie home. "You are a hero," he told Moo.

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