185. A Beer Drinker


Hank liked to drink beer. He drank beer every day. He drank 12 cans of beer every day. He liked to drive his truck. He liked to drive his truck and drink his beer. He threw the empty beer cans on the floor of his truck. Empty beer cans were on the passenger floor of his truck. He never got drunk. That's what he told his friends. "I never get drunk," he said. His friends didn't believe him. "Of course you get drunk," they said. "Don't drink and drive." He didn't listen to his friends. One day Hank drove home from work. He came to an intersection. The light at the intersection was red. He didn't see the red light. He hit a police car. He didn't see the police car, either. He went to jail. He didn't like jail. He couldn't drink beer. He had to drink water.

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