184. Saved by the Cowbell

The water was getting higher and higher. The was coming down. It kept raining and raining. was worried. “I’m worried,” she said to her . She was worried about Moo. Moo was her . Moo was in the field. Moo was in rain. Leslie didn’t want Moo to drown. Moo not a good swimmer. Leslie walked out to field. Moo was standing in the field. Moo wet. “Follow me, Moo,” said Leslie. They started . Leslie slipped. She fell down. She hit her on a rock. She passed out. Moo looked Leslie. A cowbell was around Moo’s neck. Moo her head. Moo shook her head again and . The cowbell rang and rang. Leslie’s brother heard cowbell. He went out to the field. He Moo and Leslie. He carried Leslie home. “You a hero,” he told Moo.