173. The Wrong Train

173. The Wrong Train

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Carol said they must leave early. They were going to the airport. They were going to JFK airport. "We must leave two hours early," she said. "You never know what can go wrong." "What can go wrong?" Clint asked. "We get on the train. We take the train to JFK airport. Nothing can go wrong." "Of course something can go wrong," she said. "Something can always go wrong." They left two hours early. They got on the wrong train. They didn't know they were on the wrong train. The train made many stops. Finally, it got to the last stop. Everyone got off the train. "This isn't JFK airport. Where are we?" Carol asked another passenger. The passenger said they were on the wrong train. "We are on the wrong train!" she yelled at Clint. "It's a good thing we left two hours early," Clint said.

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