174. What's That Buzz?


"I hear something," Ben told the doctor. "What do you hear?" asked the doctor. Ben heard a buzz. The buzz sounded like a mosquito. It sounded like a mosquito was in his ear. "Which ear?" asked the doctor. "Both ears," said Ben. "Do you hear a buzz all the time?" the doctor asked. "Yes, I hear a buzz all the time," Ben said. The doctor looked in Ben's left ear. The doctor looked in Ben's right ear. "Are any mosquitoes in my ears?" asked Ben. "No," said the doctor, "no mosquitoes are in your ears." Ben asked, "So, why do I hear a buzz in my ears?" "You have tinnitus," said the doctor. "Tinnitus? What's that?" Ben asked. The doctor said tinnitus is a buzzing sound. "Can you fix it?" Ben asked. "No, I cannot fix it. You have to live with it," said the doctor.

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