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17            18     


1. He looked for his plane ticket for an hour. ___, he found it.
4. Do you ___ which train I should take to get to the airport?
5. ___ got off the train at the last stop. No one remained on the train.
7. It's a 40-minute trip, but it might take an ___ if the traffic is heavy.
8. Did we take the ___ train? Let's ask someone if we're on the right train or the ___ one.
11. Of ___ we should leave early! You don't want to miss your plane, do you?
12. She ___ed at him because they were on the wrong train. Everyone on the train heard her ___ing.
14. It might take an hour or ___ to get home if the traffic is heavy. ___ heads are better than one.
17. The other ___s on the train were reading or listening to their music.
18. Everyone ___ off the train at the last stop.


2. Something ___ goes wrong when you're in a hurry. Nothing ever goes right.
3. You can take a train to catch a plane at JFK ___ in New York.
5. We should leave ___ because we don't want to be late. The ___ bird catches the worm.
6. I think ___ is wrong. I think we're on the wrong train.
9. Even if something goes wrong, we have ___ to worry about because we're leaving early.
10. You can take either the A ___ or the E ___ to JFK airport.
13. If we don't ___ home early enough, you might miss your plane.
15. Should we get ___ the train here or at the next stop?
16. The train made many ___s. It was not the express train.