90. Tall Girls and Heels

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Susan was 5 feet and 10 inches tall. She was the tallest girl in her school. She was taller than a lot of guys, too. Susan did not like that she was so tall. She wished she was of average height. People always stared at her and made comments. She also got a lot of questions about her height. She was tired of the questions. She also did not like how she could not wear heels. She thinks heels are cute, but she cannot wear them because she would be over 6 feet tall.

Ernest asked Susan to the dance. Ernest is 6 feet tall. He was taller than her, so she said yes. A lot of guys avoided asking Susan out because she was taller than them. It does not look good if the guy is shorter than the girl. Susan still could not wear high heels though because she would be taller than Ernest. When Susan went shopping with her friends, they shopped for heels and she shopped for flats.

A man tapped Susan on the shoulder. "Excuse me, but have you ever thought of modeling?" he asked. Susan shook her head. "You should! You're tall and beautiful! Also those black heels over there would look great on you" he said. He handed her his business card. Susan's friends encouraged her to call him back. They also encouraged her to buy the heels. Susan bought them and wore them to prom. If Ernest had a problem with her height, then so be it.

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