91. A Male Nurse

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Adam just graduated from college and will be going to nursing school this upcoming fall. He has a degree in Biology. He initially wanted to be a doctor and his parents wanted him to be one, too. Even though being a doctor gets you a lot of money and prestige, it is also very stressful. Adam did not want to be in school that long. Medical school is also very expensive. Getting into medical school is hard, too.

When Adam told his parents that he wasn't going to apply to medical school, they were upset. They did not understand why. Adam had a high GPA, a high MCAT score, and great letters of recommendation. Adam explained that his heart was not into it. He knew he would probably get into some medical schools, but it wasn't worth it. He wanted to go to nursing school. He wouldn't have to be in school that long and he liked the work better. When he told his parents this, they said, "Nursing is for women," they said. Adam expected them to say this. A lot of people have told him the same thing.

"I get why you would say that, but there are a lot of male nurses these days. They are paid well too, and don't have to work long hours," Adam said. His parents accepted his wishes. They weren't happy about it at first. After his first year of nursing school, however, they saw how happy he was.

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