87. Getting Bored of the Fish

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Jacqueline lives in an apartment with two of her friends. The landlord does not allow them to have pets. Jacqueline was disappointed by this because she always wanted to have a dog. Her roommate Wanda suggested that they get a fish. A fish would be easy to take care of. They never had to worry about the landlord finding out because there were no video cameras inside their apartment.

Jacqueline bought the fish from a pet store. It came in a plastic bag. She put the plastic bag in another bag. That way the landlord would never know even if she watched the security camera that is in the hallway. acqueline and Wanda named the fish Coach after the famous handbag brand. Jacqueline and Wanda took very good care of Coach. They fed him properly and cleaned his tank when they needed to. They took a lot of pictures with the fish, too.

After a couple of weeks, however, they started to get bored of their fish. A fish is not like a dog. You can't run with it or pet it or dress it up. Neither Jacqueline nor Wanda wanted to take care of it. "It's your turn to feed him!" Wanda yelled. "Ugh! Fine!" Jacqueline said. Jacqueline and Wanda made their third roommate take care of the fish while they went on vacation. When they came back, they found Coach dead. They felt bad, but they didn't care that much.

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