86. Her Handwriting Was Messy

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Julia was known around school for having the best handwriting. It was unique, clear, and consistent. No matter how fast she wrote, it always looked the same. Her handwriting was almost like a computer font. Marilyn, on the other hand, had very messy handwriting. When people see Marilyn's handwriting, they think that it belongs to a guy. If Marilyn wrote fast, you couldn't even tell what she wrote. Marilyn's boyfriend requested that she write and send him a letter. He lived all the way across the country. Marilyn was embarrassed of her handwriting and did not want her boyfriend to think less of her.

Marilyn asked Julia to write it for her. "I don't think you should lie to him like that. What if he finds out one day? He'll think you are a liar," Julia said. "He will never find out. Can you please write it for me? Here, I typed out what I want to say," Marilyn said. Julia hesitantly agreed. The next day, Julia gave Marilyn the letter. Marilyn thanked her and shipped it out to her boyfriend. He sent her a letter back saying that he was really impressed with her handwriting.

During Christmas, he visited Marilyn at her school. While they were walking in the hallway, he noticed Marilyn's face on the wall. "Hey! It's you!" he said. Next to her picture, there was her handwritten essay that received an A+. "This writing doesn't look like yours," he said. Marilyn admitted that she had Julia write the letter. Her boyfriend laughed. "I don't care if you have nice handwriting or not. Just be yourself," he said.

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