88. The Man Without a Mustache

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Clarence's dad, grandfather, and great grandfather all had mustaches. They were thick and stood out. Clarence thought that he would have a mustache, too. When his classmates were growing facial hair, Clarence noticed that he wasn't. He told his dad that he was concerned. His dad said not to worry about it and wait a few years. When Clarence was 21, he still did not have any facial hair. His upper lip area was smooth as a baby's bottom. Whenever his friends met his dad, they always joked at the fact that Clarence could not grow a mustache.

Clarence felt bad. He felt that he was still a little boy. Clarence told Shawn, his cousin, about his concern. Shawn laughed. "You should feel good! It is such a hassle to shave every day. My facial hair grows back so fast. You also save a lot of money from not having to buy shaving cream and razors," he said. "That's not funny," Clarence said. "Look, Clarence, we all want things we will never have," Shawn said. "What do you want that you don't have?" Clarence asked.

"I am jealous of your intelligence. I will never be as smart as you even if I studied twice as much as you," Shawn said. Clarence thanked him. He thought about this and was glad that he was intelligent. Shawn was right. We all take what we have for granted and think about what we don't have.

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