79. Running a Marathon

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Philip is going to run a marathon, which is about 26 miles. Philip has always been good and fast at running. He knows how to keep a good pace. He is always the fastest one on his track team. In fact, many of his teammates are sure that he is going to run track in college. Philip decided to run a marathon to raise money for charity. The charity was for breast cancer. Philip's mom died of breast cancer, so the cause was important to him.

Philip practiced running prior to the marathon. He started off by running 8 miles, then 12, then 20, and finally, 26. He had practiced for three months. On the day of the marathon, Philip felt ready. He wore a comfortable tank top and running shorts. He also wore his lucky red socks. Philip went to the marathon. He stood at the starting line and wished the other participants good luck. Philip started running. He felt really good about himself. Running was like a roller coaster, which was full of ups and downs. The beginning was always really good because he was highly motivated. The middle was harder because he got more tired.

During the middle of the marathon, he smelled something bad. He wondered who it came from. He noticed that people who were running passed him really quickly. He smelled his armpits. It was him. He had forgot to put deodorant on.

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