80. Sean Wanted to Change His Name

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Sean never liked his name. Sean never liked his name. People always made fun of him for it. They always said "Seen." People would make so many jokes about his name. A lot of them said, "Hey, have you seen Seen?" Sean asked his parents why they gave him that name. They said it sounded nice. "Why did you spell it that way though?" he asked. His parents said "Sean" was the usual spelling. "Yeah, but people still keep making fun of me," he said. "Your name is great. Your classmates are just immature," his mom said.

Sean looked into changing names. He always liked the name "Brandon." He told his parents that he wanted to change his name. They were hurt that he didn't like his name. They told him that if he wanted to change his name, he would have to pay for it himself. They also told him that they would continue calling him Sean. Sean thought that was okay since they were his parents.

Sean filled out the petition and did the necessary steps to change his name. At school, Sean told everyone to call him Brandon. Unfortunately, only the teachers accepted his request. Sean realized that his classmates have known him too long as Sean. It was too hard for them to call him Brandon.

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