78. Transferring to a Different College


Lillian goes to UC Irvine. It is a good school, but Lillian does not like it. She does not think it is challenging enough. She is majoring in Biology. She also does not like the people there very much. She thinks they are nice, but boring. She would not miss anybody if she were to leave. She also hates the city, which is boring, too. Lillian wants to transfer to a different college. She always wanted to go to Harvard. Her dad graduated from Harvard.

Lillian tells her dad that she wants to apply. "You know it's really hard to transfer from a college to Harvard, right?" he asked. Lillian nods and tells him that she has nothing to lose. Lillian assures him that she will be a strong applicant. "I have a 4.0 GPA, great writing skills, great letters of recommendation, and internship experience," she said. Her dad doesn't think she will get in, but gives her money to apply to Harvard.

Lillian submits her application. Months later, she gets a letter in the mail. It is a big envelope. She opens it quickly. She's in! She is so happy that she gets to go to Harvard. Her dad is proud of her. He knows now to never doubt Lillian. The first thing Lillian does is to wear her dad's old Harvard sweater.

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