30. The Job Search

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Sarah wanted to get a job to save up money for her future. She did not want to keep asking her parents for money. She thought getting a job would be a good way to build her experience. Since she never had a job before, she decided to start with a simple part-time job. There were a lot of options out there. She could be a cashier, a tutor, a waitress, or an usher. She decided that a cashier job would be most suitable for her. This was a job that seemed simple enough that she could learn. It would also let her interact with people, which is her favorite thing to do.

Sarah did not have a car, so she needed to find a job that was close to her home and school. She was still going to school, so she needed to find a job that was flexible. She walked around the restaurants and stores in her neighborhood. Some were hiring, others had all their positions filled up. She applied to 10 different places. Her top choice was her favorite frozen yogurt shop. They usually asked for a resume, a cover letter, and an application. She was excited to continue with her job search.

Two weeks later, five places contacted her for an interview. They were a movie theater, a yogurt shop, a candy shop, a video game store, and a coffee shop. She did not mind any of the jobs. They all seemed suitable for her schedule.

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