29. Christmas Gift Shopping

29. Christmas Gift Shopping

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Christmas time was coming around. This meant it was time to shop for gifts for loved ones and prepare to spend time with them. Tammy wanted to get gifts for her parents and friends to show how thankful she was for their love and support. She wanted each gift to be special. She decided to combine store-bought merchandise with homemade items. She was going to customize each gift to make each one special.

She decided to give her mom a handmade apron. Her mom loved to cook and bake in the house. She embroidered the words, "World's Best Mom." Her dad loved to garden, so she decided to get him a plant and some gardening tools. Her friends were a little harder to get gifts for since they each had different interests. She decided to give each of them jars with their favorite items.

She customized each jar to match their personalities. She decorated the outside of the jar with drawings, ribbons, and buttons. This part was most fun for her. Inside the jar were candy, chocolate, stickers, key chains, and a photo they had taken together. She was excited to give her gifts to her friends. She loved seeing the smiles on their faces. She thought this way her gift would be more special. She also decided this year she would donate toys to children who were less fortunate. She thought this was a great way to celebrate Christmas.

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