31. The Extreme Burger

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Roberto could eat a lot because he had a big appetite. He ate five meals a day. The average person eats three meals a day. Roberto exercised a lot though. He was a big, muscular guy. He swam and played football, too. He always ordered the most food when he ate out with his friends and family.

At Fatty Hatty, there was a burger eating challenge. If you could finish the entire Extreme Burger in 10 minutes, you would win a $300 gift card. "Hey Roberto, why don't you try the challenge?" his friend asked. Roberto had certainly thought about it before. The truth was, it just seemed too much even for him. The Extreme Burger included 10 beef patties, chicken strips, hot dogs, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, french fries, and much more. Roberto could probably eat half of that, but not the whole thing.

"Come on, Roberto! Do it! Are you scared?" his friend teased. Whenever someone told Roberto he could not do something, he had to prove them wrong. Roberto called over the waiter and asked for the Extreme Burger. Everyone at the restaurant surrounded Roberto. He felt nervous. "In 3-2-1 go!" the waiter said. Roberto started eating. The first ten bites were good, but then he started to get sick. The crowd kept cheering and that motivated Roberto. Nine minutes had passed and Roberto was down to his last bite. He took the last piece and swallowed it. The crowd cheered. Roberto felt proud. He not only proved his friends wrong, but got a gift card for one of his favorite restaurants.

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