77. Washing Dishes


Apartment 103 had a dish problem. The sink was completely full of dirty dishes from two weeks ago. Nobody in the apartment wanted to wash their dishes. Also no one remembered what dishes were theirs. It was getting out of control. There were flies flying around the dishes, and there was even some mold growing on the dishes.

Everyone in the apartment knew that it was a problem, but no one wanted to do anything about it. Dianne called all the girls in the apartment into the living room. "Guys, we need to do something about the dishes," Dianne said. "I don't have time to do any of the dishes," Clary said. "We all don't have time," Dianne angrily said. "Why don't we just split up the dishes in four? That way it's all fair," Ella suggested. "But that's not fair, because some of us don't use as many dishes as others," Katy said.

There was a knock at the apartment door. Clary opened it. It was their neighbor Eli. "I couldn't help, but overheard your argument. I was thinking maybe I could wash all your dishes for $40," he said. The girls would have to pay $10 each. They decided it was worth it. If Eli washed it, none of them would have to deal with it.

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