76. Pay Me Back


Kris had owed Penny $100 since last year. Kris used the $100 to buy printer ink. He was in a tough financial situation, but really needed printer ink to print his twenty-page paper. Penny wanted him to pay her back immediately, but it never happened. He always had some excuses. He would say that he had the money, but he forgot it. He would say that his boss hadn't given him his paycheck yet. For a long time, Penny forgot about the money Kris owed her.

Penny remembered when she and Kris went to a restaurant together. Seeing him take out his wallet made her remember. "Hey, do you have $100? You still owe me," Penny said. "I thought I paid you back already," Kris said. Penny laughed. "Can I give it to you tomorrow?" Kris said. Penny knew that if she said yes, she would never get it. Penny said no, and made him go all the way to the bank to get $100.

Kris went to the bank and asked to take out $100. Something was wrong with his account though. The banker told him that there was nothing in his account! Someone had pretended to be him and took all his money. Penny was never going to get her $100 back.

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